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Identify the true potential of your hyperspectral reflectance data

Analysis of hyperspectral reflectance data

We are a small, independent consultancy for statistical analysis, originally trained in the subjects of agricultural biometrics and modelling. Our skills are interdisciplinary and applicable for different topics of concerns. Nemaplot Kai Schmidt has patented the unique technique in analysing hyperspectral data.

Variance in hyperpectral signatures and treatment effects

Hyperspectral reflectance patterns are analysed by standard procedures with respect to the underlying experimental design and anonymous with respect to the tested subject. Other data or simulation models normally require intensive feedback with and from the client. Transparency is most important for both side, to get full information from the data. Confidence is the top priority about data content and size. Provided data will be deleted from our storage facilities after project end.

Kai Schmidt Nemaplot

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