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Order, price list overview and details of the Nemaplot service

The average costs of analysis a simple experiment are in the range of about 40 EUR.
There is no automatic internet communication and file transfer. Please contact us by email

We will reply as soon as possible. We will send you an order form, where you can specify your order with respect to size and the information you need from your data. You send the order form back to us, the contract has to be confirmed by your signature.

The patented model fitting is mandatory for all further statistics. Prices vary with computer time and quantity. You can fit the order individually to your abilities of your own analysis equipment.

Important: Data processing and anonymity

It is part of the customer to process their data beforehand for the analysis. It is very important to link correctly each spectrum to its related factor or factor level by indices (we are not able to correct anything). That makes your data anonymous. Are your treatment new varieties, pestizide, new techniques, etc., your treatment will be treated as an index / number with the related factor levels. The real treatment structure behind the indices stays in your hand.

Please send us the processed data as *.csv file (separator ";" ) or as Excel file;

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